twenty ten

Geography, graphs, it binds.

In time, it pulls and curves
You, and I, absurd.

Then and now, the same
Time again, to share the claim.



I’ve learned some things lately
I do love to learn… but lessons, not terms
In eyes blue, and yellow days no more; I mourn
But, not so many moments as before, no storms

There are some people I’ve found
That feel very comfortable to be around
I wonder why that must be…
Is it trust, perception or direction that -draws me

I usually find, I’m rational and sound
Why do foolish mistakes still haunt me
I find when I’m floating, some make me ground
Today I find -it is he



Regret me not

It saddens me, when I say too much
That I let it flitter away
In moments of truth, I don't suppress
Life that I live in the day





Time walks closely to my breath now
He wanders in and out of it, warmed by it

I turn when wondering, call out when cold
It doesn't matter much, these feelings I hold

In clearings now, its fading
his whisperings are waining

No matter as the world does cusp
Many new opportunities, in dawn to dusk



It rains in New England
falling heavy and blue
In calls of bewilderment
the streets flow, I'm infused

The nights talk of temperament
solemn; unbalanced in hue
seeping surfaces, sponges spent
sopped thick and porous, bursting with dew

Still.., I like it
The scent and the crisp
I like the cool summer and brisk

It calls for sweetness and saunter
...and muffled noise
it purrs with contentment; natures voice


Genuinely Forward

In forthcomingness, I tell you
All that is, that feels
It's not with intent
more for life's appeal

I do not hinder information
as decisions are made
It's in false formations
That mistakes are out played

I have found far more benefit
In sharing my soul
Than experienced detriment
From all thats been told



Like little ripples of water disturbed
I live for it

It walks its dogs in ropes and spurs
I die for it

You tell me lies, I cry, I fret
I survive with it

I think and ponder and wonder, in retrospect
I'm ashamed of it

But really, why do I do such things- or think of them being done?
time calls for it


Bird wing

Its passive nature, flipping softly, raising air and small bits of matter
Eyes drawn and beat and haven. The frail soft bird spoke notes,
not in a summer breeze
Of blue and white and greys, in hues of texture
and had some days seen better
Caged within bars, drawing weight and flatter;
it sat dark and oppressive among iron trees



Opportunity Not

I’m sad today
Not to say too much of sadness
Though I rarely am able to stay

Generally a happy soul
Though reminiscent of a pessimist toll
I falter rarely to this toil

My thoughts are dimmer in this state
Confidence lacking, hardness awake
I wonder why it waits

I’m sad for you
Sad for me
For all that’s been and what can’t be


Its’ drops hit earth expectantly, like claws the ground begins to crawl
With liquid momentum and pulse, you tell me no
When winters pass and earth softens, the rains begin to fall
Like tussles with the gods, I cry, you reach for me to go

It hurts, but feels alive- as he tells me how I’ve lied
Fake and untrue, my grain is no legitimate substitute
How to explain that it is not now I’m false, but then, I cry
You linger in momentous trepidation and repulse- I refute

In vein, I muster strength, in time I halter recourse
The rains wet my soul, as claws crawl up my skirts
I hunger and repulse from it, I fondle with the source
You leave me with no options, I fall in mud and sand so course

The sky rumbles with spewing anger, pouring to the earth with vigor
Cool dirt and pitter patter, splashing and trickling blind my ears
My face streaming, joining the rains, the blood the thunder
It is not with lies I told you, but truths, my dear



Like turbulent tides of exertive organic emotion, I claim it.
Walking behind its shadow in flat tones, blue currents
It wraps me

You wonder, I hear.
The thoughts hang heavy in air
The oppression of robes of red and fear

The trees have leaves now, green and fertile in youth
New beginnings, new passages, new life
Cells and processes spring forth from this implied, seasonal death

I inhale its sweet nectar, its fragrance of freedom
Like palatable realism and truth
I expose myself through words



Water, Life

Droplets cling to the pane of the window I peer from
Its remnants apparent in the weight of the air
Birds sing its praise, as insects scuttle in its life granting wake
Joy and excitement dominate fear

I notice, in times of distress and wonderment
We think of the past… or, the past thinks of us
And yells its lessons learned; it pests
It cautions and taunts and alludes to solutions- thinking best

Flapping wings disperse fragments of dew
Branches dangle and vibrate and move
Ground cover waits its turn at the treat
Oh wonderful water of nutrition and deceit

Walking and talking and peering at time
Humans toil and concern and analyze
…For what, to deny the real
To obscure the thought, the reality- life’s zeal




It's not sage that lingers, but lies
Everywhere seems dim
Today is a sense of causeless distress

Like looming branches
It's oppression holsters the dice
It adores you and I

Early Spring

Like rocks retaining heat, it's warmth sucked cold by earth, I walk in Boston
The trees are swaying restlessly in these rainy new england days
Wandering minds and hands and feet, rustling bags and dirty streets
Eyes focused, astray and wandering... the subway grinding, we walk

I find it peculiar.
The thoughtless focus, loud noises of thought, emotion and energy merging
Smells of air, moistness, perfumes.. wisps of cold subway wind and sprinkling mists
Cars and people and time. Moving and passing in and out of attraction

My thoughts are richer in town, en route, in mindlessness
To think and ponder and scrutinize. To review this days bad news.
Tomorrow, it rains. I plan to relish in newenglandism, by going out anyway.
I can think of nothing better to shush the chaos, than Boston
on a warm, rainy night.




In ninety four combinations, they lie
Intrinsic partners of opposites, attracted
Keeping order, Energy's fury wizzing by

Life, the remnant of stars passing
Death, the birth of new
The same amount, reused

To attract and never touch
The delicacy's of balance
The energy- always enough

It pains me to think
That in terms such as this
Our lives are but combinations- of unrest



Apathetic Humanity

It is with fervor and tolerance that I embrace the humility of life
Sufferers who exude apathy and selfishness collide;
In a life of only experiences and a death of likely none,
time is of the essence.

Do not waste understanding through lethargy and laziness.
Knowledge is founded on many, many minds.
We are each only granted one.
And with it, only one chance to add to that knowledge.



The colors become less bright
do I run or turn Black & White




Its mists disperse
in quantities unconcerned
I wander in the tall grass
wondering of bugs
disconcerning ones
of lust and blood

Please tell me
what it is you want




The words today seem unclear
and nothing stands in the way of
my dark thoughts, sad words

You seem to scream
in the way I always want
and nothing comes of it

I write these useless words
and still it quivers
in my hands
unsteady in actions
as well as my own
useless thoughts




The angelic children
raised their hands
to upset his long blond hair
in evenly soft strokes
he wonders
why nearly all of their eyes
refuse to speak
they gently grasp
the light strands
pulling, snapping
until the only remains
sought the wind
dancing in gold
whispering of white wine
why, he thinks
do they not call him by
his real name.



Glass of Tea

Why do I feel
I can no longer
furfill your glass
of tea

I try and pour
no end, or more

I fear the answer
I grasp its handle
and all my strenth and more

...not a single drop will pour



The Army

It takes from you
what it wants, it needs
it fills you with
that mends the wounds
it surrounds you
with the same illness
to make you believe
you belong

You form to it
like a dress
long adjusted
to your size
it tickles you
if you cry
it comforts
if you seek
it arouses as you please

But at no time
do you choose
not to follow


Invisible Rose

You could only see it
as a reflection
nothing more
it's vibrant colors
and fragile vase
full of secrets

It is comforting
to the touch
and pleasing
to the eye

But who am I
to say
It was ever
really there?



It's a night
like no other
and dreams cast
like a story
behind closed doors
so many voices
an army
an army of many
thoughts, choice
loves, losses
I cry for you
for anyone
willing to listen
to a moment
a moment of darkness
here in the folds
of life.




An angel wispers in my ear
"Tell no one, for not even I can seal your fate"
The rocks crumble at a breath from his thoughts

Fate comes to me to say
"The power you hold is no stronger than a feather,
but no weaker than the same feathers agility"

And then at last
My tears spoke to me
"Don't cry, my bird- Books never close, they only reside unread"




The complications of love
couldn't be explaineded
in a million poems



Plenty of roses lie
untouched throughout
their life
no one to enjoy
their beauty
or feel the stab
of a tiny thorn
its delicate flower



Over Tired

I just wanted you to know
that I realize
why the pain must exist
but I just don't
why it must always
exist in me




Becoming lissome
valuable limitlessness
altering past beliefs
of my own abilities
his nurturing words
and anti sensitivities
are breaking down
my inhibitions
a wonderful
alteration of myself
unearthed slowly
learning to modulate
the key
in my own composition
that I call
my life.



Wandering with ink

There are so many words
thoughts, feelings
Dreams, irrational phrases
ignorant beliefs
of life the way
that I write it as
I don't record everything
just the poems
that flow onto paper
like drugs
into societies blood
quick, unrehearsed
not censored
for eyes, I write
for myself and me alone
to release a knot
that's inside of me
and only is relieved
in this form



A bird
Who's strength
is beyond doubt
or compromise
it's sound
rolling off the tongue
easily missed
but instantly
through lands
learning daily
a representation
of my childhood
in a soul
in his identity




What happens
in sleep
Dream, fantasies
Endless possibilities

Do you think
or do you just exist
as you would
on a regular
daily basis

Inhuman powers
uneasy perseverance
all possibilities
an unconscious
of life
as you would
choose it to be




I remember
Being that youthful
ignorant, beautiful

School days
same worries
and pressures

Same love
for music, the power
wonder, delusion
of days past
lost in voice
always happy
with spoken tones

Lost causes
new experiences
many paths
to follow

All that
and I still know
nothing I do
or say
will pick that path for you




In my dreams
your eyes still haunt me
my memories
all to clear
sometimes for days
I can avoid my thoughts




When asking me if I was o.k.
I responded correctly
observing his unaffection
towards me, throughout
the three morning hours
I maintained strong eyes
as to not mirror my soul

I enjoyed laughing at his behavior
and his eye contact
Only a few times
did his eyes get lost
in thoughts about me

I realize
he is not a man
to go unsexed

I proved to him
that the thought of him
going elsewhere
didn't bother me

How many lies
can be portrayed
through my
perceivably innocent



Inside of ignorance

The disolution of awareness left me
a hollow instinct of what was before
and distant footsteps alure me
unto the mighty force
hence came my distant sorrow
that swallows me a whole

I bury heat and softness
an all new pain appears
it's full of fear and tension
of sorrow through the years

A man I once thought kingship
now hardly owns a name
some disrespect I hold back
for that is who to blame

My insides tear free from
not ignorance nor niave
from other layers of it
that years ago, I believed